Random post-election and other notes…

Some thoughts resulting from elections and discussions with dad:

on US aggression helping create terrorism: People argue that Bush’s aggressive policies in the Middle East are creating more terrorists than they destroy. But if you think about it: Saddam’s gassing of people did not produce terrorists. Though, people will rebutt: that was not an open environment. But then if we look at 9/11, even in NYC the people are starting to forget equating Bush to tyrants of the middle east taking the tragedy as simply something disconnected from our past. And this is a country where flow of information goes on relatively unrestrained. Moreover, when, in the middle east, a bomb is dropped on a house, the only people aware of this are the immediate neighbors. Of course this information can be used to manipulate the public opinion elsewhere, but then it turns into hearsay and consequently loses its weight. Then, physically destroying the places where terrorism is located, cutting off resources for its development, and making support of terrorism equivalent to suicide – do these things not (from a theoretical point of view) clearly destroy more terrorists than they create?

– What is happening may be inevitable. Until now, people could not have an extreme influence on this world. Now, however, through terrorism, it is possible to have a very heavy effect. Most of the middle east is stuck in the dark ages, making the populace there very easy to manipulate, and consequently giving leverage to those who want to blackmail the West by the damage they can cause (Saudi Arabia and dealings with their fundamentalists for example). Thus, the only way to avoid this would have been/is taking those regions out of the poverty that it is in. Except does the West have enough resources to do that? This might also make sense because it seems that it would have been virtually impossible to prevent the rise of Islamofascism in the Middle East after the end of the Cold War… an argument can be made that not enough has been done to minimize its ascend, but here and now I feel very unqualified to make that argument. But from here on, if we take that position, it seems clear that the only credible solution is rapid and aggressive reform of the middle east.

– With the democrats screaming bloody murder about cheating, it seems that in this election there was arguably more cheating by the dems (exit-polls, push-polling, slander, etc. ) themselves. Not that I am suggesting that the Republicans are pristine, but, at least from where I sit, they have been outdone. Which is a shame, really, since this sort of manipulation might have influenced these elections too much, in which case the healthy drive for transparency and accountability would have turned into a lynching mob, which would lead to god-knows what if its leaders made it to the top. Perhaps I am wrong, but if someone has seen heard something that suggests otherwise, let me know…


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