Damn the Matrix! Damn the matrix to hell!!!

God bless WinDVD! God BLESS its ability to play DVDs at fast speed! God smite those who turned the Matrix from a good beginning into cheese – smite em from from atop their chewed bubble-gum piedestals! Now I am not what you would call religious by any measure, but the pleasure I got from playing Matrix Revolutions at double-the-speed nears that of a starving rabbit coming across a carrot mine in the middle of the North pole. If it ever happenned, neither of us have the slightest idea of how we got there, but finding that carrot, that feature was just… oh so good. Revelation! It’s that simple orgasmic pleasure popping a pimple – you really shouldn’t be doing that to begin with and if anyone saw what you were up to, your picture would likely end up next to the word “disapproval” in the dictionay, but now that you are here looking for Santa, you are here watching, quite possibly, the top competitor for Mystery Theater 3000, now that you are here – you enjoy the moment to its fullest! Of course, sleep would have been a far wiser investment of my time, but… whatever 😉

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