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Just sent a response to a friend of my mother’s, who was driving me up the wall with her “Bush is Evil, there will be a draft!”. And riding on the intoxicating waves of righteous indignation, am going to post it here:

Please take a look at this:


The draft, just as some other issues, is being abused for political purposes. The perception that those circulating this are attempting to form in the public eye in order to further their political agenda does not reflect reality. Much like those who are trying to vilify the US army by using singular crimes that are inevitable in any large structure, much like those who tried to vilify (and were successful!) the US army during the Vietnam fiasco resulting in US pullout from Vietnam that, in my understanding, resulted in the North overrunning the South with all the consequences of a totalitarian regime overrunning a democratic one (death of 60K of South Vietnamese when NVA launched an offensive in March of 1975 in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam – and that is in one battle. In all of Vietnam that total number of deaths from US was under 59K), and much like those who effectively pressured US into withdrawing from Mogadishu – I could go on and on and on recounting instances when public hysteria drove the political machine. And the reason I feel so adamant about your “Bush=evil” position is that I find blind belief and blind support/disapproval of political actions is directly related to the cumulative suffering. Thus, anyone who makes ANY sort of statement within the context of the US political framework should be aware that their opinion matters and has a very profound effect. Consequently, one might dislike Bush, one might find him ugly and unattractive, but it is irresponsible for one to have an ill-founded aggressive pro-Bush or anti-Bush position based on hearsay or emotions.

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