Hearts and thoughts…

Let’s see:

1. Total monitoring. NYC has cameras installed over some (few) traffic lights. The consequence of that is that people no longer speed quite like they used to for obvious reasons. Is this infringement on privacy or optimization of damage to the society by the rejects who don’t follow rules (more on that in 2). Now, we are shifting from a democratic society being the optimal solution in the context, to a society where those who know what’s going on should be making a decision (of course we are sort of there now, but I feel that very soon, with sufficiently decentralized government, people will openly acknowledge that the ideal to be strived for is not complete democracy, but a government that resides on mathematics – people will relinquish their right to vote for the optimal candidate, because it will no longer be public opinion that will define how optimal a candidate is. I am rambling. Anyway, in that sort of a society, open total observation (Patriot act taken to extremes) would mean a serious reduction in crime: no more rape, no more child abuse – in a society where people will be monitored, I think it would be a beautiful thing. Though how does one prevent this total control from falling into the wrong hands? The system has to be large enough and/or beautiful enough to maintain control over those who might wish to take advantage of the system. Might the society get there? I hope so… My life is of no interest to anyone but my friends, and if that would prevent suffering without somehow affecting my existence, I am willing to give up the right to masturbate in the privacy of my home… provided that that information would be used only to benefit the society.

So here is an example then of such a system: suppose that cameras installed everywhere, but all are broken into units with each unit automatically storing the information: i.e. unauthorized human involvement is a crime. Now, suppose a crime takes place – then a search can be performed upon all the information to find the perpetrator and identify him. Of course now there is a huge problem of storing the necessary information, but I think that the psychological effect + proper timing and activation make the construction of such a system quite plausible… living in a democratic world free of crime… wouldn’t that be something?

2. Rejects who do not follow rules: what if they are not? Well, rules should be changeable, but, at present, changing them is terribly hard. There should be a way to request a change of rules and have specialists evaluate the effects of such a change with analysis being publicly accessible. Again, a recurring theme of social belief systems comes to mind.

3. Well, if you’ve made it thus far, then you deserve to learn a bit about my romantic life – a madhouse. I don’t know what to write here cause I don’t know who is going to read it, and am paranoid of misinterpretation… though, in all reality, I think I am the one who screws things up for myself enough without these postings. Consider: I meet a cute girl B. I meet a cute girl A. I go on a date with a cute girl B. Now, A is about to leave, so, while I am hanging out with B, I am also thinking about A. Consequence? My mind gets tied into a knot and I become angry: : I want to hang out with both A & B, but can’t because no matter when way I go, one of them will be missed… and a threesome, sadly, is not an option. Plus, should I leave B to hang out with A, the situation would reverse + I would be a first-rate asshole. The end result? B rightfully decided that she doesn’t need this crap and went home, at which time I developed a heart-ache for B, talked to A, but, as was feeling like looking in the mirror would evoke a vesuvian reaction, decided not to join A, but went home and worried sick about B’s getting home ok. The night was spent alone, A left, B is undecided whether she would even like my explanation, and I am sleeping alone. Either there is something wrong with me, with the world, or I should just turn gay. Hmm… the third is highly unlikely. There should exist a theoretically sound manual for dating to avoid these situations where constituents risk completely losing their sense of humor.

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