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A web application that would enable download of cell voice messages as mp3s…

1. Create account.
2. Agree to pay X per message
3. Add to the queue
4. Download all messages
5. Encode messages and store in a DB
6. Give ability to DL.

I’d do it. Perhaps am a memory freak.


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Interesting link…

Interesting link with regard to analysis of what the heck happened in Iraq:

Does anyone know of any good political/economic analysis sources? I remember hearing a couple of good lectures on CSPAN, but can’t remember the names nor the dates :\


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East side mass…

Mass… hehe hehe… this word presently evokes in me uncontrollable fits of laughter. Women on the East Side had my jaw dragging along the sidewalk so much I think I might have stepped on it. Don’t remember… Male chauvinist pig or in tune with my inner self and able to recognize the divine? Then again, all of my friends would aesthetically all fit into that scene absolutely flawlessly (yes, I actually think so… yes, I am also trying to save my ass from the wraith my previous comment my bring about from my female friends… either wraith, or a boycott – either way, I would not be happy.

Damn it. In all this excitement I forgot about theater.

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Party ideas.

Party on me roof yesterday – trial run successful, even if it was not my party. Now what can be done to make these parties more interesting? How about screening on the roof?


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Yes. I may be judgemental. I used to look around and see people in their actions. She is reading a newspaper – she is not cool – I don’t want to know her. Shallow thoughts perpetuated by the media – a pointless drive for soma. I am reading a newspaper.

Am reading The Stranger by Camus. Depressing. I do not know whether it is the translation or simply the ideas, but I am bored to tears as I feel like I am being told what I am observing sitting here in central park – pointless rats in a cage strolling out their existence. Yet if I had a girlfriend, if I was in love, my life would probably aqcuire meaning and would be defined by the moment waking up as an old man. Or perhaps this would be a Vanilla-sky-type segway between realities?

I wonder what it is like to be old. To see your children and know that soon I will expire. Of course, in my 25 I am already having thoughts about death, about the fact that if I died today, the society would be no better or worse off (unless I am kept alive by Him for my potential). So many plots come to mind that could be developed in so many ways to develop this line of thought.

Which brings me to art. Apparently Bush’s unpopularity is partially from his/Republican lack of support for art – anyone know where where I can find out more? The primary question that comes to mind is – well, if this is redirection of resources, where can I see the distribution. And if there is mismanagement, how to bring about reponsibility, or transparency of responsibility if such already exists?


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We are going to donate our software to charity…

Any advice?

Kill two birds with one stone: increase our exposure and potential client base and do some good in the process.

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I like!


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