Color-changing wall panels…

I am sitting in my room waiting for a buddy of mine to show up (Jong, man, you’re famous – made it into my blog), and these cream-colored walls are depressing me. Of course, if you are pursuing a degree in psychology, look to my childhood for the cause of my present depression (if you were Stewie, you would probably put a heavy Brit accent onto: “the association with cream color is, unfortunately, that of being trapped in the womb and, since Louis is evil and should die, indubitably, you have a homo-erotic Oedipus complex. You are hopeless. Go die.”

[time gap]

Sigh… 3:45am… main idea of the previous paragraph that I never got to finish: the cream color should be replaced, and it should probably be relatively cheap to replace it with panels that can change color – imagine having a blue room waking up, slowly turning bright red if you bring a girl over… or white… or black if you feel like passing out… or perhaps the colors could be connected to the state of the stock market… or one’s blood pressure and temperature thereby allowing the color to enhance experience… say a sexual experience, for instance. Combine color and sound that would help the mind fall in resonance with one’s body. Hmm… we may be in the 21st century in some aspects, but education-wise, especially where sex is concerned, we are stuck in the stone age. So, augmentation to what I would teach children:

1. Esperanto
2. Sign language (is there a universal version?)
3. Morse code
4. Braille

1. Global present state of affairs (we are phenomenally ignorant of current affairs)
2. How present state of affairs came about (teach effect first, cause later)
3. … until aaaaall the way back to the cradle of civilization. Moreover, what should be taught is the general movements – avoid memorization.\

1. Rigorous analysis of languages (structure, etymology)
2. Vocabulary building ONLY through massive reading assignments. Web-based facilitating looking up words. Children are to read short engaging stories in context with history above.

Math & physics… lots to say, so I think I’ll leave this for another session.

Human body (call it physiology, biology, whatever)
1. Digestion and good eating patterns (don’t tell kids they shouldn’t eat McDonalds – tell them the effects and give them the knowledge of maintaining their nutritional balance)
2. Correlation between performance, nutrition, exercise, and sleep (in-depth analysis of each)
3. Sexual activity – safety, response of the human body, breathing, temperature control, psychological factors
4. Relationships – the schools need a non-corny way of emphasizing the human element and of helping create a framework for interaction which would allow the selection process to be minimally damaging to people. A lot to be said about this, but again, another evening… haven’t thought about this enough.

So all in all, the current education seems to exercise the mind by repeatedly flexing the muscle, which does little beyond developing random precise skills that people have no ability to apply to better their lives. What do I remember from school days? Almost nothing…

Which reminds me – Mel, where is my phone call?

On this fine note, need… pass… out…

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