A web application that would enable download of cell voice messages as mp3s…

1. Create account.
2. Agree to pay X per message
3. Add to the queue
4. Download all messages
5. Encode messages and store in a DB
6. Give ability to DL.

I’d do it. Perhaps am a memory freak.


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6 responses to “Idea:

  1. Anonymous


    i would not get it, because i’m cheap and dont have use for 99.9% of old messages. once i had a situation where a lawyer tied to screw me, he revealed it on a message to me after he thought the call had ended. i save the message in my cell phone, no biggie. no need for a data base and a FEE.

    you absolutely have to read this, very good stuff:

    • Ha!

      Read half-way through the nerd thing – BS. There is one really big problem with that reasoning – back in the day some of the most popular kids in my school were the ones who were both smart and athletic. The football team was primarily though of as thugs, the cool kids often bordered on eccentric paranoia with some losing ground (especially towards the senior year) in their cool-factor :\ On the other hand, this could be my selective memory 😉

    • Re: doode

      Oh, and just cause you wouldn’t get it, I would. Suppose that instead of a 2$ fee, you had to pay 25c? Or would you never pay for this service under any circumstances? In that case, this could become a great advertising medium for cell companies and generate revenue that way…

      • Re: doode

        Grr… I mean, just cause you wouldn’t get it, doesn’t mean others wouldn’t. I would actually love some sort of service like that. Then again, I am living in perpetual fear and anticipation of doing stuff like re-reading my e-mails at the age of 500….

      • Anonymous

        Re: doode

        i would never buy that service, unless i had a business that required saving messages for legal reasons. personally, i have no reason to save phone messages.

        as far as the nerd thing, your high school or my high school need not apply–a rare exception to the rule established in the essay. dont forget where those are located, and the average level of income and education of the students’ parents.

      • Re: doode

        Re: highschool… dunno dunoo… I think I went to a pretty average high school…

        As far as saving messages… uhm… don’t tell me there was never a message you wanted to save… like, say, from a girl, for instance…

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