A web-based voting system…

So why don’t most people vote?  Cause it’s a hassle, cause they don’t know enough, cause they don’t care.  Well, those who don’t care – that’s fine: trust those who do.  Those who care, but don’t know (probably a majority), are a dangerous breed that should be shot…[cough]…no…  really, they should be somehow prevented from voting (like those who don’t like Bush only cause he looks funny…  which, albeit, he indeed does – the man has about as much charisma as Barney, the pink dinosaur…  though Kerry is, arguably, worse). Perhaps a test before voting to make sure that the person has at least a clue…  So that leaves us with people like me – those who do care, but are not really into the whole voting thing except for the election day.  We are an ignorant breed.  In my case perhaps even good-looking, but that somehow does not rectify my ignorance (ah… wallowing in self-admiration – my favorite past time).  But seriously, in this day and age, imagine a web-based voting system that would educate the constituents on the subject and then allow them to vote.  This way, every member of the society can:

a) vote easily and hassle free
b) review votes to make sure that it counted
c) possibly even change votes before a deadline

Of coure, the down side is that such a system would have to have monster security.  But, seems to me that such a thing is not that far fetched.  After all, a decentralized web-based system would also allow analysis and control over the data to make sure it is not tampered with.

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