Arte Moderneee…

The idea comes first. Consequence? I like modern art despite the fact that most of what’s being shown in galleries in Chelsea, to my uneducated eye, seems like complete and hopeless crap. So tonight dad mentioned how, in one of the museums, he took a garbage can from the corner, placed it in the middle of a room, and observed the reaction of people around who spent as much time admiring this semi-“found object” as they did everything else. For him, this equal attention was an indication of the triteness of such “art”, but, as the idea comes first, is the social context-based perception of random objects not an interesting enough idea in itself to justify this Can as, perhaps not a masterpiece, but a nevertheless interesting representative of the modern art world? Or am I being to simple in light of my being so far removed from the “enlightened”?

Good modern art (am I misusing the term?): De La Guarda, Giacometti, what else?

Yesterday, dad’s birthday. Today, much sleep recuperating after yesterdays festivities… So much to do, but the bed is so damn comfortable…


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