Age and wisdom…

As a child I thought that what sets adults apart from us children is the wisdom and experience the give some intrinsic knowledge of this world. Yet now I am finding that the only difference is that adults get sick. They are still children, but are caught up in a world driven by artificial demand, and the life they lead is nominally satisfying, but really seems to me now but a shadow of existence – they agree that they will die and now are enjoying the remaining days. I am becoming one of them… a shadow of myself…


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3 responses to “Age and wisdom…

  1. Hi nikitab

    Sorry to barg in on your journal, but my friend posted a nikitab/lj/clique thing and well we dont know what the lists meen. Also it no longer seems to be working. I was wondering if you could shed some light on to the topics.

    Thanks Haden001

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